SPECIAL ORDER – Custom Creations – Have an idea you would love to see created? Contact me!


Free brainstorming, that is.  Price varies, due to our brain’s ability to dream up stuff!





If you see something you like, but would like to change some of the details, contact me and let’s see what we can come up with.    Maybe you have a special animal that you love, or a specific flower you would like incorporated into a pocket watch dial or antique keyhole pendant, or a different color of earrings.  Maybe you love a specific Harry Potter character and would love a necklace with that theme.   One of my greatest passions is creating personalized pieces that no one else will ever own – one that reflects the taste, style and passion of the wearer.   Each and every one I create is unique and never the same, due to the use of vintage and antique pocket watch parts.

Send me a message here and together, let’s brainstorm and create your own personalized masterpiece!  We will communicate about sizes and options, and I will send photos as we progress to assure that you love what is being created for you.

I really enjoy the time spent putting these pieces together and letting my creativity flow.  I can get lost for hours, sometimes even days, fiddling around with them, trying to find the perfect combination; and searching for the components around town and on the internet.  I probably spend too much time doing so – but it is a labor of love!












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