Magical Wooden Wand for Harry Potter or Fantasy Fans-Crystals and Skulls Styles


The perfect gift for your little fairy, wizard, magician or Harry Potter fan!

Wand Choice

Wands are listed in order of photo, left to right. Choice of one (1) wand.


Looking for a simple, yet elegant wand that isn’t too gaudy or too plain?  One that isn’t just an acrylic painted dowel ?  I  didn’t want to use a paint that would chip off, so I researched for an alternative product for color and finish, and came up with this great wand.  They are not indestructible  (hey, even Harry and Ron broke theirs!)  but they are fairly tough.  They are a hardwood base with a finish that won’t flake.   I like the actual wood showing as opposed to the acrylic paint.   I feel that the exposed wood is much more realistic looking.    They do have a rich, burnished finish in tones of gold, bronze, green-gold, silver,  or espresso.   The finish is not overly glittery,  but a more subtle dusting of metallic particles.  They range from 9.5″ to 10″ long, and may have very slight variances, due to being handcrafted.

This particular group has either authentic crystals in quartz or amethyst,  or howlite skull beads.   This listing is for one (1) wand only.   I have 7 choices, from left to right:

1. Natural light wood – silver and gold  accents with quartz crystal

2. Red wood – howlite skull and gold accented scrolls

3. Red wood –  howlite skull and 3 knobs with silver accents

4. Natural light wood – silver accented freeform handle with scrollwork and genuine quartz crystal

5. Natural light wood – spiral with silver and gold accents and natural amethyst crystal

6. Natural light wood – silver drip handle with howlite skull

7. Natural dark wood – pewter tone drips and genuine amethyst quartz crystal


I went nuts producing these guys because I had so much fun creating them – so I have multiple listings of groups to choose from.   These wands are meant for the collector,  but responsible older children that won’t use them as weapons and hit objects or other muggles, or put them in their mouth will have plenty of fun with them.    I am not responsible for improper use of these wands.

I recently threw an epic Harry Potter Party where every room was fully decorated and everyone showed up in costume.  I plan on posting photos on my news page for your own inspirations.  🙂   Everyone begged me to sell my props, and these wands were one of my most requested items, in addition to the Monster Book of Monsters, potion bottles, spell books and Hogwarts books.  I have a whole line of props available now and many are coming soon.  Keep posted!

I really enjoy the time spent putting these pieces together and letting my creativity flow.  I can get lost for hours, sometimes even days, fiddling around with them, trying to find the perfect combination; and searching for the components around town and on the internet.  I probably spend too much time doing so – but it is a labor of love!



About Harry Potter-inspired jewelry and collectibles

 If you love Harry Potter as much as I do, you’ve found the right place!  I have created a unique line of collectibles and jewelry for teens and adults that is affordable– including an upscale line of Harry Potter-inspired jewelry created with vintage and antique pocket watches and parts, hardware and jewels for the more discriminating adult.   I had trouble finding jewelry I would wear myself, as most of the available jewelry out there were one of two extremes- either cheaply made or geared towards children – or expensive 14K gold and pure sterling pieces. There just wasn’t much to be found in the middle price range.  So I solved that little problem by creating my own!  I also carry a wide selection of props and gifts for the collector or for that amazing Harry Potter party.  Here, you can find a unique piece to share your Harry Potter love without breaking the bank!


Unlike my other line of authentic antique pocket watch jewelry, most of the charms I use in the Harry Potter –inspired line of jewelry are new Tibetan silver components, which is a non-tarnishing, affordable white metal alloy that is lead and nickel free.  Some may contain a small bit of pure silver, but it is not guaranteed.   I try to create unique AND affordable jewelry, so my components are not sterling silver.   If you are very sensitive to metals, I recommend searching for a high end line of jewelry of actual gold or silver.  Nickel is a common culprit, but not always.   Some parts such as jump rings, chain, clasps, earrings wires, and findings are often silver-plated.  I DO create a few upscale pieces with antique and/or vintage watch parts and hardware, and they will be noted as such.

Pendants come with a necklace of my choice that best matches the pendant.  A few come with a necklace of your choice .  You may change it if you wish.  Just drop me a note with the order.    I usually offer satin cording, suede cord, memory wire chokers, organza ribbon, silk sari ribbon and plated chain for the necklaces.


Please consider these pieces as wearable art, and wear them accordingly.  They are not meant to be slept in, showered with, or worn during sporting activities.

Your product(s) can be damaged if:

  • Too much pressure is applied to the delicate pieces.
  • Product is allowed to get wet.

For some pieces, I use a jeweler’s epoxy and/or industrial-strength glue that is a favorite of professional jewelers.  It is both waterproof and flexible, but given the right circumstances, anything can break.  Some parts may be soldered, and many are connected with wire-wrapping or jump rings.  Please contact me if you need any assistance with repairs.

My jewelry and collectible handmade products are not intended for children under the age of 5.  Jewelry may contain small pieces that can be a choking hazard if swallowed or put into the mouth.   Other items, such as wands or books, are meant for the collector, Harry Potter-themed parties, or as a costume accessory, and are not intended to be used as toys.

That being said…it IS tempting to play with the wands….  I know- my grandchildren play with mine!  But please remember that excessive play may lead to damage.   Wands may chip, fade, break, or splinter if played with roughly, and may become hazardous for small children.  Nothing is indestructible – even Harry’s wand could not be fixed with normal magic!   If older children use these collectibles as toys, please use them safely.  Do not poke at or hit other wizards. I am not responsible for improper use of my wands. Play with them at your own risk and use common sense.  If you are ok with eventually replacing them after some wear and tear, that is great by me!

Crystals and Cogs is not associated with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., J.K. Rowling, or any of the Harry Potter books, films or associated publishers.  HARRY POTTER, all related characters, names, places and all other related indicia are a registered trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and JK Rowling.  I create jewelry purely inspired by my love of the books, and these pieces are not approved by any of the above-mentioned organizations.








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