Gorgeous Etched Neo-Victorian Earrings with Pocket Watch Parts and Swarovski Crystals


There’s a bit of sweet and sassy, country western girl in these gems!


Are you a sweet, yet spunky country girl?  These western influenced earrings are not like anything you’ve ever owned before – an original just like you!   When I wear mine, my customers are always intrigued and want to know more about them.    I upcycled the intricately etched gold tone balance cocks from antique pocket watches – the etched pattern is extraordinarily detailed.  I especially love the little star shaped regulators – they remind me of a mini set of spurs.   (See photos above to see balance cocks in actual watch movements.)  I accented them with clear Swarovski crystals that sparkle like diamonds, and a perfect pair of antique pocket watch gears dangle from below.    This elegant style of earrings have become my go-to favorites- they go with everything from jeans to more formal evening wear.  They are created with hypo-allergenic, antique bronze earring wires and silicone rubber stoppers to help prevent accidental loss.  These dainty earrings measure 3” overall including the earring wire, and the balance cock itself measures just over an inch long.




Please consider these pieces as wearable art, and wear them accordingly.  They are not meant to be slept in, showered with, or worn during sporting activities.   Many of these parts are up to 100 years old, and some of the parts are very tiny.  If treated with care, they should give you many years of pleasure and wear before you pass it on.  We use a jeweler’s epoxy and/or industrial-strength glue that is a favorite of professional jewelers.  It is both waterproof and flexible to help prevent pop-offs, but given the right circumstances,  anything can break.  Some parts may be soldered.   Please contact us if you need any assistance with repairs.

Your product(s) can be damaged if:

  • Too much pressure is applied to the delicate pieces.
  • Product is allowed to get wet.
  • Please do not wear these heirloom quality pieces while sleeping, showering, or during sporting or vigorous activities.


  • I create these unique quality pieces with all authentic antique and vintage parts – including old pocket watches and parts, porcelain and intricate etched metal pocket watch dials, keyholes, skeleton keys, and vintage wristwatches for my earrings.   I NEVER use new reproduction parts.   Most of the pocket watches and parts I  use are around 100 years old.   They are getting much more difficult to find and quite expensive, but I think the beautiful patina and history of the pieces is worth it, and that it adds much more value.  I repurpose vintage brooches – birds, cats, flowers, rhinestones and Art Deco pieces are my favorites to work with –  for the focal points on some pieces.   I accent the pieces exclusively with genuine Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads.  I believe it is what makes me different.   Because they are quite old, some pieces may show wear or may be missing a few rhinestones.  I feel that this adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of the pieces.  I do occasionally use new filigree findings for the back of  the piece.
  • These pieces are created from unknown materials.  They are vintage jewelry, and I am not 100% positive of what they are made of.
  • I use hypo-allergenic earring wires that are silver-plated or gold-plated, and also lead and nickel-free.  All earrings include silicone rubber stoppers on the back to prevent accidental loss while wearing.





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