Adorable Steampunk Steambirdies Created with Vintage Clock and Watch Parts


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These absolutely adorable little steambirdies are created with upcycled antique pocket watch parts and gears, vintage clock hands and wind up keys, along with other various parts.   As a final touch, they are accented with genuine Swarovski crystals.   Some have tiny top  hats, ladies fancy feathers or headdresses.   A couple sport monocles, and the green and brown guy even has a feather mohawk!   These steampunk birds have so much spunk – they seem ready to hop around and burst into song at any moment now.  They are perfect for your kitchen window to help bring cheer to a dreary winter day.   C’mon, now…admit it – didn’t you smile when you first saw them???   Go ahead, look at the photos again and see what happens.  😉

Choose your bird color from the options above, and I will create your unique, one-of-a-kind little feathered friend.  There is a text box for any special request or something you specifically like on a particular bird.











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