Harry Potter-Inspired Jewelry

If you love Harry Potter as much as we do, you’ve found the right place!  Our custom designed, handmade products are a step above the average items found out there. The Harry Potter-Inspired Jewelry Collection is a unique line geared more toward adults – including an upscale line of jewelry created with vintage and antique pocket watch parts and hardware for the more discriminating adult.

We had trouble finding jewelry we would wear ourselves.  The majority of the available jewelry out there is either geared towards children or cheaply made for costumes.   The other options are at the other end of the spectrum – expensive 14K gold pieces.  Here, you can find a unique piece to share your Harry Potter love – whether you love Harry or Hermione, Snape or Hagrid, or even Hedwig – without breaking the bank!

We also carry a wide selection of affordable props and gifts.  Items include the enchanted ceiling’s floating candles, acceptance letters, Platform entrance, and a huge selection of magical wands.  Surely one of them will choose YOU!

And finally, you won’t want to miss the other fun collections in our Shop categories above.  We feature a Fairytale and Fantasy Collection with Disney and other pop culture-inspired jewelry.  We have a unique collection of repurposed funky and romantic designer statement jewelry that is created in a mashup of neo-Victorian, Renaissance, Bohemian and Steampunk styles, using only authentic, gorgeous and intriguing  antique pocket watches.  Don’t forget to take a peek at our flock of adorable Steambirdies,™ or our simply elegant Gemstone and Nature Collection.  

For more information on the process and components, see the About Me page.  And don’t forget our Portfolio and Inspiration page to see some of our other works.

Because we believe in protecting our environment,  all of our jewelry will arrive in a beautiful eco-friendly package.   Gift boxes are 100% recycled  (65% post-industrial and 35% post-consumer content),  recyclable and food safe.  The tissue paper is partially recycled, and the crinkle paper is recycled from brown craft paper shopping bags.  

Free priority shipping on orders over $50.

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