Fairytale and Fantasy Collection

Do you love  fairytales? Is fantasy or sci-fi your “thing”?   If you get excited just thinking about these wildly popular big screen and literary worlds,  you are going to LOVE the jewelry inspired by them.  The Fairytale and Fantasy Collection was designed with a deep love of classic  animated movies  and other pop culture phenomenons in mind.

Do you love Belle, Ariel, or Sleeping Beauty?  How about Daenerys Targaryan,  Frodo,  Dorothy Gale or Claire  Randall ?    To loyal fans, they are larger than life.   They feel almost real to us.   And we are not alone.  There are thousands of fandoms out there.   Only  charismatic characters such as these inspire creativity.

Wearing  jewelry is a very personal decision.   It shows a vulnerability because it tells our story.   It shows the world what we love.   Who we support and what we stand for.    Even what we may have survived.   It shares who we are on the most basic level.   Not everyone may understand your obsession – but  wearing one of these handcrafted pieces will surely grab the attention of those who share your enthusiasm!

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