Portfolio and Inspiration


My work is divided into several categories here in the Artist’s Portfolio.   This comprehensive portfolio showcases several styles of work, including some of my earlier works, and will include photos from satisfied customers –  once I gather them!  I am a “my-glass-is-half-full” sort of girl, and have faith that folks will send me photos to post.   (Hint, hint!)

This is definitely a work in progress, as my creative side would much rather be making  and designing jewelry than photographing it.   But  I promise to keep working at it.   In the meantime, if you would like to see photos, check my facebook pages by clicking here  for Crystals and Cogs and here for The Hairy Wizard’s Wardrobe.   Don’t forget to “Like” the pages  while visiting to keep up with the most current information!

It is much easier to post a quick photo on fb, and all the posts may not be relevant enough for the website.  I like to  keep this site clean and simple for my customers, and refer them to facebook for more detailed info.  I think of this website as my “professional”  base, and my fb page as my “personality” feed.   I have  plans to be showing more of my work on Pinterest and Instagram at a later time, so follow me there if you would like.   Pinterest  seems to be the platform showing me the most love and followers!