Hello World! Welcome to our Comments Page!

Hello World!

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This Comments Page is where you will find discussions and conversations about relevant news, new products,  special events, fun facts, and other information about Crystals and Cogs.   Also check us out on Facebook under Crystals and Cogs or the Hairy Wizard’s Wardrobe for the most current information.

I also have a Pinterest account you may be interested in following if you are a fan of similar things.  You know – Disney, Harry Potter, jewelry, vintage and antique clothing, nature, cats and baby animals are just a few of my favorite boards…I guess I have a lot of interests!  There are just SO many cool things on this earth!

I only ask that you keep it clean – no profanity, harassment, or other negative behavior will be allowed.   I can’t approve such posts.  There is just too much negativity in this world nowadays, and I don’t feel that we should add more to it.  I try to be as positive as I can, but some days are definitely harder.   That being said, good-natured constructive criticism for the sake of improvements is always welcome.  Just keep it in a positive manner!   If you really feel the need to vent, please contact me privately by clicking here.

If you have any requests for a particular product to be added to my collections, or any helpful suggestions, let me know.  All questions are welcome.  Though I may not always have the answer…OR the one you were looking for!  🙂  Many questions  may already be answered on our FAQ page, so you may want to check it first.   I also have quite a bit of information on the About Me page along with the Terms page and Privacy Policy page.

Whew!  Building a website involves a whole lotta information and months and months of hard work!

Now let’s go have some fun!!!!!



One thought on “Hello World! Welcome to our Comments Page!

  1. Welcome, my friends!
    Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet, right? I am so honored that you stopped by my website. I truly love what I do, and enjoy sharing it with others. I am so very fortunate to have been able to follow this dream of mine, and I truly believe in being thankful for what we have. So many others in this world have so little, and I find that quite sad. I hope my work brings a little bit of sunshine to your day. Maybe sunny enough that you want to bring a little bit of it home to you!

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