Welcome to Crystals and Cogs!

You belong here because you are an original. Unique. One of a kind. You aren’t afraid to wear eclectic jewelry, because you have excellent taste. This is where you will find jewelry to match your personality. You aren’t a copycat. You want to be different- a trendsetter and not a follower. Eclectic elegance describes this style perfectly – classic, timeless, vintage styles, but with a little edge and attitude. Just a tiny bit funky, and a whole lot classy.

 Just like Dorothy, you have landed in a very special place.  

Here you will find a gorgeous collection of funky and romantic designer statement jewelry.    We upcycle only authentic antique and vintage pocket watches along with their porcelain and metal dials, gears and mechanical watch parts.  They are both intriguing and elegant.  We also use vintage wristwatches, antique keyholes and vintage jewelry, and then accent with only genuine Swarovski crystals and Czech glass.  We lovingly repurpose these components into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art that are as unique as YOU are.  These are created in a mashup of  Neo-Victorian, Renaissance,  Bohemian and Steampunk styles.  Then take a peek at our flock of adorable Steambirdies,™ or our simply elegant Gemstone and Nature Collection.

Don’t miss out on the other fun collections in our Shop.  We also carry a collection inspired by Fairytales and Fantasy,  including  Disney, Game of Thrones, Wizard of Oz, Outlander and many other pop culture favorites.   Then explore our favorite collection of Harry Potter-inspired items.  We have jewelry created with both new and vintage components, handcrafted props, decorations and other specialty items – perfect  for collectors, that HP fanatic in your life, or for those of you throwing an epic Harry Potter-themed party for your own little (or big!) wizard.  

Join in the fun and explore to your heart’s content – relive a little bit of joy and nostalgia from your childhood.   Go ahead – you deserve it!

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